Ongoing delivers quality entertainment to intercity passengers and people idling in waiting areas. No app needed. Just sit back, connect, and be entertained.

High quality content​ ​at your fingertips. Our​ complete entertainment experience includes movies, games, series, comic books, magazines and immersive​ ​virtual reality experiences.

Sleek​ design.​ Easy​ ​and fast access. We reinvent the way people are entertained by delivering content on each user's smart phone, computer or tablet via an easy to use local media portal. Our design is fully customizable to fit our clients' specific branding and user experience needs.

Innovative and reliable technology. We​ use​ the​ latest developments in networking, web, and​ cloud technologies to offer a thrilling interactive experience.

Partners We partner with bus operators, like-minded businesses, advertisers, content producers, creators​, and distributors to keep people entertained.

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