Intercity Bus: a Cleaner and More Efficient Travel

In industrialized countries, motor vehicles represent 30 to 45% of total CO2 emissions.

Demand for travel has grown across all modes over the past 20 years with particularly strong growth in long distance journeys. Forecasts indicate that rising incomes and population will result in further growth.

On long-haul routes, the plane and the individual car are still the most energy-consuming (thus pollutants) means of transportation.

A single bus that replaces 40 cars on the road can save up to 70 000 liters of fuel and reduce by 170 tons the air pollution every year.

On a 500 km trip, a plane emits more than 240 kg of CO2 per passenger. A single passenger-driver car is also very polluting, emitting about 170 kg of CO2 for the same journey. A bus emits only about 50 kg of CO2 per passenger on a similar trip.

So, the next time you need to go to another city … think green, sit back, relax, and enjoy Ongoing Entertainment onboard an intercity bus!